About Andrew Hill

Andrew HillHi, I’m Andrew and I count myself as a very fortunate human being: I’ve been married for 28 years to the same wonderful woman that I met at University and have two adult children of whom I am very proud. I am an active Christian in my community and support the crucial work of the Swindon Foodbank through weekly voluntary work…..AND I get to spend my professional life doing what I have always wanted to do: Helping people in their businesses to visually present their products and services at their very best. In our increasingly competitive, wired up world, mediocre media is “no longer acceptable” if you are going to attract the clientele that you will require to be successful; I want to be able to help you to reach your business potential.

My photographic journey started back in my childhood, as did my love of food when at just eight years of age I was trusted to make chocolate éclairs and many other baked goodies from scratch without supervision!

My first camera was my Dad’s Kodak Instamatic, complete with disposable flash cubes. As a teenager I scraped my pocket money together and bought a “new format” 110 compact camera with a built in flash. That camera went everywhere with me and only limited funds for film processing prevented me from spending all of my time with it.

I’d always wanted a 35mm SLR, but could never afford it. That was until I decided to convert a large chunk of a term’s grant during my first year at university into a Praktica BC1 with a fixed 50mm lens and a “cheap and cheerful” flash gun. This limited my beer funds, but taught me so much about how to really use and appreciate a camera without today’s inbuilt electronic trickery. Consequently the vast majority of my work is shot in manual mode with prime lenses for the ultimate in clarity and control, truly connecting me with my subject.

My first digital camera came on the scene in the late 90’s and boasted (what was for then) an impressive 3 MP sensor!

I graduated from the University of Leeds with an honours degree in Biotechnology and spent the earlier part of my life working in the technology arena in sales & marketing roles, latterly providing business and life coaching services.

Family is important to me, and I’ve been the home cook and entertainer of friends since I had my own kitchen. I am never happier than when I have an opportunity to share good times over good food at home or out and about. There’s therefore no surprise that food is one of my photographic specialties.

So why my interest in architecture? Within the built environment good design must balance form with function as should food presented on a plate. The only real difference is one of scale.

Living and working spaces have always fascinated me. That’s why we took the children to visit over 80 of the National Trust’s major properties throughout England, Scotland & Wales during their growing up years.

It must have affected my son as he is now in his 3rd year at university as an architectural undergraduate. If I had my time over again; I’d probably do the same!

Believing in being the best you can I trust in education and alongside my experience and comprehensive equipment, I hold a Diploma in “The Theory & Practice of Professional Photography” as well as a Certification as a specialist food photographer. 

Consequently I am fully insured via Hiscox as a professional photographer including public liability and client indemnity.

I look forward to discussing your needs with you.

God bless

Andrew Hill
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